Saturday 28 Jan 2023

The Company

piccors-companyPiccors is an independent firm, founded in Athens, Greece. The founders of Piccors, recognizing the specific ICT business needs of the South-eastern Europe & Middle East region, established this center of excellence in order to provide the necessary cutting edge / state of the art solutions, for the companies and organizations operating in this region.

In Piccors, our vision is "State of the art solutions, fully adapted to each specific need, for each organization". We believe that only this approach leads to the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for the customer.

If we could summarize our philosophy in one word, this word would be  "Excellence". Our intention is to provide a combination of best quality and cutting edge technology and to offer services and products, that maximize the added value of our solutions for the customer. We believe in Quality rather than Quantity. 

Our values are based on two dimensions:

  • Honest and Clear Relationships
  • Synergy and Teamwork

We believe that respect for the customer, the employees, the vendors and generally all the involved parties, is essential for the success of any project, even the smallest one. Synergy and teamwork among the people involved in the project (project's members from both provider and customer), is essential for the maximization of the quality of the deliverables. All these values, provide the necessary environment for a project to be on time, on budget and of the best quality.

Our targets are:

  • To provide high quality, state of the art, customer-oriented solutions to our customers.
  • To provide high standard professional services.
  • To always offer cutting edge technologies and methodologies.

In order to achieve these targets, Piccors is building a team of highly qualified professionals, with an extensive worldwide hands-on experience in providing professional solutions. We believe that the maximum satisfaction of the customer can be achieved only by having a well trained, highly skilled professional team, which considers the customer as a partner and adopts the customer's problem.

Our products and services are constantly expanding. We are continuously evaluating modern methodologies, best practices, and cutting edge products and techniques in the marketplace, in order to create our modern world-class solutions. Within this framework, we are open to synergies with vendors sharing the same values with us.

In order to get more detailed information and learn more about Piccors and our solutions, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.