Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

Technical Services

Piccors utilizing its experience, know-how and resources, aiming to the highest possible servicing of its associates, provides specialized services corresponding to its customer individual demands.

Such services are:

  • Procurement and installation of equipment / hardware / resources.
  • Operation system and application installation, application configuration and specialized function creation, according to the customer’s demands.
  • Over the phone support that also provides the possibility of technician visit to the customer’s premises in order to deal with any automation problem.
  • Service Level Agreements: The Information Technology facilities of every company or organization demand a high level of operational performance and maximum availability. At Piccors we offer a series of specialized LSAs that cover: work time pre-emption, technician concession and over the phone support.
  • Installation and initialization of corporate networks (structured cabling and rack setting, firewall, shared folders and printer management, e-mail exchange server, UPS connection and installation of IP call centers).
  • Piccors provides specialized technical consulting services in matters of improvement of the existing technological infrastructure and new model implementation.
  • Outsourcing development of Information Technology projects.
  • Direct Remote Support of the company technological infrastructure from our specialized executives without the physical presence of the technician to the premises of the company.
  • General and specialized user training in order to optimize the use and management of the information systems of the company.