Tuesday 16 Aug 2022


Our services extend from an ad-hoc advice on a particular problem or issue, to the design and/or development and implementation of a complex but comprehensive solution. Using internationally accepted methodologies, we recommend and apply specially designed cases and practices, which apply to the client's specific situation and working standards. By using our extensive international experience, we work closely with our clients to help them identify issues, solve problems, increase productivity, achieve better quality and improve total organizational effectiveness.

Key factors of our approach are:

  • Piccors project team acts as an extension of the client's team.
  • Working prototypes of the new system are available to the client regurarly, while the system is being developed.
  • Client receives Executive Reporting on a regular and mutual agreed basis.
  • We emphasize to Quality.

Although each project may have a different approach, depending on its type and size, our methodology will keep to the following brief, simplified, non-technical overview that describes the way we would work with you in order to create customized software. We would be happy to discuss this in more detail.

Project Scope 

Our typical project starts with a meeting with the client in order to confirm the scope of the assignment. During this step, we decide how we should work together and each side defines its project team.

- Target: Both the customer and Piccors have a common understanding about the project.
- Deliverables: Draft specifications - draft estimation.

Analysis /

During this step, a team of our specialized consultants begins to work with the client's staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they analyze in order to identify practical and viable solutions.

- Target: The project is well defined and the solution is mutually agreed.
- Deliverables:   Detailed specifications - final estimation, Project plan.

Development /  

During this step, our professionals perform the required changes and/or modifications and/or development, according to the detailed specifications of the previous step. Since the first stages of the development, on a regular basis and whenever applicable, we send working prototypes of the new system to the client, so that he can experiment with it and make valuable comments quite early. Through this process the client has a continuous "feeling" of the new system throughout the whole development cycle.

- Target: A tested system.
- Deliverables: Regular progress reports, prototypes, tested system, source code.

Final Delivery

During this step, Piccors delivers the code and its documentation, trains the client's staff, assists in the implementation and helps the client achieving long lasting benefits.

- Target: A live and successful project, with happy users.
- Deliverables: Code documentation, Project Review.

Warranty /

For every development project, Piccors provides a warranty period that covers free bug fixing of the software. In addition to that, our clients can choose a Service Level Agreement, in order to ensure further maintenance of the system.

- Target: An always up-to-date system.
- Deliverables: Updated system, source code, relevant documentation.

In order to get more detailed information and learn more about Piccors and our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.