Saturday 28 Jan 2023

Sofia Financial Management

sofia-productThe Cycom SOFIA Financial Management System is an integrated, powerful and flexible business application. It constitutes the Accounting System which targets the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. It is widely accepted that every industry has its unique processes and the SOFIA Financial Management aims to cover the particularities of various vertical markets. The objective of SOFIA Financial Management, is to enable both the management to obtain full control over the company and the personnel to execute their daily workflow in a more efficient and effective manner.

SOFIA Financial Management System is an advanced package which includes:

  • General Ledger.
  • Sales & Purchases.
  • Budgets.
  • C.R.M. (Counterparties Relationship Management)
  • Cash Management

For the companies that are not interested in Cash Management, SOFIA Accounting System is also available.


Accounts Info Query Screen

The system provides the capability to the user for new accounts info query screen.

User can handle the Saved Journals

The user can administer the Saved Journals such as in Reports and Saved Queries.

Multi-Account Contacts & Addresses

The System facilitates the administration of Multi- Account Contacts and Addresses.

Customer Mailing List

The System contains the embedded feature of Customer Mailing List management.

Documents Sending Method

The System provides an updated documents sending method (Receipts, Statements, Invoices, etc).

Corporate Credit Policy Definition

The System provides the capability to define and administer the corporate Credit Policy.

Interest Calculation Policy

The user can define, administer and monitor the Interest Calculation Policy of the company.

Electronic Bank Payments

The facility is now provided for execution of Electronic Bank Payments through the System.

Recurring Entries

New advanced feature of defining and executing Recurring Entries for work automation.

Internal Message facility

The users can communicate through the system, set activities, meetings and handle pending issues.

Easy Import of Currency Rates

A simplified process is followed for the import of currency rates into the system.

User-friendly Menu with shortcuts definition

User Interface and Menu are user-friendly, with pleasant appearance. Shortcuts may be defined for the ease of use by the user.

User Screen Language Selection

The System is multi-lingual with the capability for selecting User Screen Language.

Easily adjustable Screen Settings

The screen columns are easily adjustable and personalized, thus changes can be saved per workstation.

Web Enabled

The system can be accessed through the internet, provided that the user has authorization.

Technologically Advanced

The System is developed on Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft .Net Framework and makes use of the XML Protocol.

3-Tier Architecture

The 3-Tier Architecture is used which consists of the Client PC, the Application Server and the Database Server.

Advanced Users Security


The System provides a new advanced method for New Users Security.


  • Full Control is acquired over the Account Range.
  • Full Control is obtained over the Accounting Periods whether they are Open or Closed.
  • Administration with optimum control of the VAT periods, irrespective of being either Open or Closed.
  • The user may set the Journal Definitions either including or excluding the VAT.
  • Journal Definition for Auto Double Entry for Specific Accounts or Type of Accounts and Transaction Analysis.
  • Auto-Numbering feature for Receivable and Payable Accounts.
  • Up to 10 Account Categories with extension possibility.
  • User Defined Customer Business Type / Profile.
  • Embedded CRM module for managing the relationships of Customers and Suppliers.
  • Auto-Numbering feature for Customers and / or Suppliers.
  • Up to 10 Customers and Suppliers Categories with extension capability.


  • The user may define Multiple Journal Templates for fast and secure entries, where the system may even automatically perform both the debit and the credit transaction.
  • Possible to edit Posted Journals information such as Reference, Details and Transaction Analysis.
  • The System facilitates Reverse Transactions with negative Transaction.
  • The administration of VAT information is feasible if entered in past or closed VAT periods.
  • Up to 10 levels of Account Transaction Analysis with extension capability.
  • Automatic or manual allocation method with advanced tracking method.
  • Auto Reference Numbering available on Journal Entries.
  • The system provides the feature of Exchange Difference Calculation.
  • The System allows the Revaluation of foreign outstanding amounts.


A rich set of standard reports is available to help you monitor your business operations. These can be previewed on the screen or exported to a variety of popular formats like: Excel, Lotus, Word, Acrobat and others or even to be send via the electronic mail.

Reports are produced on demand based on user selected criteria, and can be printed for any accounting period. Some of the most important Reports of the SOFIA Accounting System include the following:

  • Receipts Ageing Analysis / Payments Ageing Analysis.
  • Report Writer of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Address Records: Mailing Labels, Telephone Directories, Address Records Listing.
  • Chart of Accounts: List of accounts which have been defined in the system.
  • Comparative Balances Report: Prints the balances of each account for the range of accounts selected. It shows the opening period balance, the net period postings and the closing balance with last year comparative figures.
  • Detailed Ledger Report: Lists all the transactions present on an account for any range of periods and accounts specified.
  • Journal Listing: Lists the journals posted in the system, in journal number sequence providing an audit trail of the transactions present on each account.
  • Trial Balance: Balance for all accounts showing also a summary of the current period movements.
  • Ageing Analysis of Receivable/Payables: The current balance on debtor or creditor accounts is analyzed into ageing periods defined by the user. The report can be printed either in summary or in detail, showing the outstanding transactions which make up the balance.
  • Statements of Account: Statements can be produced selectively for Debtor or Creditor accounts in many different formats, on plain or pre-printed paper.
  • Budgets Vs Actual: The budget amount of each account is reported together with the actual amount. The option to print only over budget accounts is provided.
  • Daybook listings: Reports showing transactions by journal class, journal code and day can be printed also giving an analysis of the VAT entries.
  • Reminder letters: Letters including account balance information such as overdue balance reminders and balance circularization notices can be automatically generated by the system.

Apart from the above-mentioned reports SOFIA Financial Management System further proceeds to provide among others the following reports:

  • Cheques / Remittances: The System can automatically generate cheques and remittances for outstanding invoices which have been selected for payment, or for cash expenses.
  • Cash Flow Reports: Analysis report can be produced in analytical as well as summarized format, also taking into consideration the post-dated cheques for each customer account.
  • Receipt printing.
  • Receipt print-out report.
  • Cash / Cheque Deposits Slip.
  • Bank Reconciliation Report.