Saturday 28 Jan 2023

Sofia Collections


Sofia Collections is an application addressing to organizations that undertake the collection of debts on behalf of their customers. It also provides the Ability of case assignment to a third party. The application automates the demands collection process, manages the debts and the receipts in any currency, automates the communication between the persons involved in each case, provides the electronic archiving of the whole dossier of each case and the direct access to it while the powerful and flexible commission subsystem calculates directly the revenues of your company. Case. management concerning debtor to creditor debts.

Main Characteristics

  • Full electronic case filling.
  • Direct access to full historic of every case.
  • Direct, electronic communication between the managers and anyone else involved in the case.
  • Case management in any currency.
  • Payment's management in any currency.

Case data management

The application separates the concept of the client from the concept of the creditor. In this way, it fully supports not only the management of the case directly assigned to the company, but also of the cases assigned from some other collection company on behalf of their customer.

Main features:

  • Separate statistics file keeping that refer to the static data concerning customers, creditors and debtors including dynamic, user defined categorisation and document attachment. (e.g. Debtors status report, Credit report e.t.c.)
  • Registration and management of all case relevant data. (customer, creditor, debtor, demand amounts e.t.c.)
  • Case relevant debt Invoice Registration and management. Ability to attach scanned invoices.
  • Customer agreed repayment plan registration and management.
  • Case Categorization and monitoring by bureau/associate.
  • Option of case assignment to 2 diverse competency users (Collector & Supervisor) .

Debtors collections' management

  • Payment circuit management.
  • Payment support in any currency. Automatic calculation of the equivalent payment using daily exchange rates.
  • Support of multiple alternative payment modes (cash, Bank Advice, Swift, Cheques). Ability of documentation  for each payment by attaching scanned documents.
  • Collection data electronic transfer.

Workflow automation

The application provides case handling workflow automation. Depending on the facts recorded by the application, the status of each case is automatically modified, thus providing time saving, data consistency assurance, and avoidance of errors. The application has an embedded tested work flow which can be adjusted by our technicians to the specific needs of each company.

Automated Production and Shipping of Relevant Mail

The application provides the ability toc reate various templates of documents and/or e-mails, using your company logos and names/signatures. Moreover, there is automated correspondence production combining (via mail merge) these template letters with the data of the case and the controller as well as the ability to send mail to the appropriate receivers in many different ways (e.g. fax, e-mail). Each mail produced is electronically filed as a new document to the case folder (dossier) while the user, date and sending time are recorded.

Template document examples:

  • Undertaking confirmation letter (to the customer)
  • Debt demand letter (to the debtor)
  • Reminding letter (to the debtor)
  • Customer update letter aboutthe course of his case)

Global communication and electronically filing management

The application provides an integrated and automated totalmanagement and electronic filing system concerning the whole communication of each case. Recording of any kind of communication with the customer and the debtor is supported as well as the internal communication between the controllers of the case.

  • Recording and filing of the telephone communication with the debtor (and/or the customer) with follow up and communication review date update.
  • Automated filing of every sent letter, e-mail and attachments.
  • Comment Registration and filing.
  • Attachment to the case folder of the relevant scanned invoices.
  • Attachment to the case folder of the relevant scanned deposit documentary.
  • Attachment to the case folder of any relevant document.

Supply Management

One powerful and customizable management, automated calculation and income registration subsystem.

  • Company commission plan management
  • Scalable  - graduated plans
  • Zone categorization (Country - geographical region )
  • Debt seniority categorization.


  • Report creation per:
    • Customer
    • Debtor or customer country
    • Responsible office
    • Case status
    • Responsible User
  • History – Facts report.
  • Case Payment Report
  • Case Supplies Calculation Report.