Monday 28 Nov 2022

Piccors Timesheet


Piccors Timesheet Management is a valuable tool in the field of provision of services that facilitates productivity monitoring, calculates the actual cost of customer support and project implementation and automates work flow, while giving the absolute control concerning the consumption of your collaborators’ working time and keeps records of communication with each client.


Main Features

  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Recording of every action including comments, duration, expenses, connecting it to the customer/project with indication of whether the action is chargeable to the client.
  • Job assignment circuit with completion time budgeting.
  • Direct cost control of every project analyzing it to chargeable and non-chargeable time, moving time and expenses per action or total expenses.
  • Direct control of staff  productivity (performance)
  • Direct access to the full communication history with every client.
  • Statistic reports and Customer Service Reports
  • E-mail updates and connection with MS Excel.
  • Ability for remote access

Clients / Projects

The application keeps full record of the customers and others trading with the company, manages customers with branch offices and company groups and records full client communication data. It provides the ability to attach e-documents for each customer as well as to record the communication with the client (through activity recording). Moreover, one or more projects can be defined for each client and in this way it can be achieved relative tasks’ categorization and the distinct cost allocation can be achieved for each customer.


Recording of which employee did what and for which customer / project, of how much  the time needed was, of what part of the time was spent for transportation, of what were the expenses needed for the specific action (e.g. tickets, toll, postage etc) were and if this action is chargeable to the client or not.


The application provides full job assignment and monitoring process. The person that assigns the task fills in the relevant job assignment form and it instantly appears to the employee who will undertake it. For each assignment, there is the ability to manage data including who is assigning what to whom, the priority, the starting date demanded, the deadlines and the evaluation of the time needed to its completion, the task’s connection with the specific customer and/or project, the task’s description and comments, as well as whether this specific task is chargeable to the client or not. At the same time, the task’s debriefing data, such as the current percentage and the actual date of its completion and the time of employment for the specific task, are recorded.