Saturday 28 Jan 2023


Piccors has developed products addressing to software companies and to end users. The range of the available products is constantly broadening with steady rhythms. We continuously evaluate modern methodologies, best practics, techniques and up to date technology products, which are connected to our targeting market, aiming to create contemporary, world class solutions.


Piccors Timesheet


Piccors Timesheet Management is a valuable tool in the field of provision of services that facilitates productivity monitoring, calculates the actual cost of customer support and project implementation and automates work flow, while giving the absolute control concerning the consumption of your collaborators’ working time and keeps records of communication with each client.

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Piccors VRC

piccors-vrcThe minimization of the distance that company cars must travel every day is a true challenge for every company that is obliged to visit various points of interest. This is not concerned to be a simple project and the solution proposed is generally based on each driver’s and the company experience. Vehicles Routing Calculator is here to solve the problem! Using complicated algorithms based on neuronal network techniques, we designed and implemented Vehicles Routing Calculator which classifies the points of interest to be visited so as to decrease the total vehicle traveling distance.

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Piccors Development Studio

piccors-development-studioPiccors Development Studio is the innovative suggestion of our company for simpler and faster development of qualitative, high standard commercial applications. It addresses to software houses and organizations which develop applications for internal use. Piccors Platform Framework is the heart of Piccors Development Studio. It is a uniform platform which has the ability to host multiple applications under a single working environment while sharing their entities (business entities sharing). At the same time, it provides the suitable substructure in order for these applications to be easily developed and maintain their business logic.

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SOFIA Financial Management System

sofia-productCycom SOFIA Financial Management System is an integrated, powerful and flexible business application. It constitutes the Accounting System which targets the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. It is widely accepted that every industry has its unique processes and the SOFIA Financial Management aims to cover the particularities of various vertical markets. The objective of SOFIA Financial Management, is to enable both the management to obtain full control over the company and the personnel to execute their daily workflow in a more efficient and effective manner.

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Sofia Collections 

sofia-collectionsSofia Collections is an application addressing to organizations that undertake the collection of debts on behalf of their customers. It also provides the Ability of case assignment to a third party. The application automates the demands collection process, manages the debts and the receipts in any currency, automates the communication between the persons involved in each case, provides the electronic archiving of the whole dossier of each case and the direct access to it while the powerful and flexible commission subsystem calculates directly the revenues of your company. Case. management concerning debtor to creditor debts. 

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riskRiskyProject allows managers to improve their ability to predict the course of projects and determine how risks and uncertainties will affect the project schedule. RiskyProject determines which parameters will have the most affect on your project: duration, cost, and completion time with and without risks, crucial tasks, critical risks, and success rate. With RiskyProject, you can optimize the course of your project: track project performance and risk together and analyze the affect of your mitigation efforts. It will help increase the chance that your project will be on time and on budget.

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