RiskyProject Professional

Advanced Project Management with Monte Carlo Analysis


Project managers can use RiskyProject for planning, scheduling, quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement of projects with multiple risks and uncertainties.

RiskyProject allows managers to improve their ability to predict the course of projects and determine how risks and uncertainties will affect the project schedule. RiskyProject determines which parameters will have the most affect on your project: duration, cost, and finish time with and without risks, crucial tasks, critical risks, and success rate. With RiskyProject, you can optimize the course of your project: track project performance and risk together and analyze the affect of your mitigation efforts. It will help increase the chance that your project will be on time and on budget.


RiskyProject includes clear defined workflow of steps: 

  1. Create project schedule or import it from Microsoft ® Project, Primavera ®, FastTrack, ProjectKickStart, TurboProject, or other project management applications. 
  2. Create a risk list and assign risks to tasks and resources 
  3. Perform quantitative analysis using the patent pending Event Chain Methodology 
  4. Analyze results: compare main project parameters with and without risks, identify crucial tasks, critical risks, project success rate, calculate chance that project will be completed on time and within a budget. 
  5. Track project performance with risks and uncertainties. 
  6. Perform decision analysis: select project alternative based on cost and duration. 
  7. Export results or analysis to other project management software, including Microsoft Project, Primavera,  FastTrack, ProjectKickStart, and TurboProject.

RiskyProject is a vital component of project management process within an organization. RiskyProject can be useful for project managers in many industries, including: 

  •   information technology
  •   engineering and construction
  •   manufacturing
  •   agriculture
  •   pharmaceutical
  •   petroleum and mining; and,
  •   many others